“Once we overcome our fear of being tiny, we find ourselves on the threshold of a vast and awesome universe that utterly dwarfs- in time, in space, in potential.” - Carl Sagan

The Chaotic Aquatic aka Ariel Orion Anne's Artist Statement

VIEW Connection

"Connection was for me the start of something big- both physically and symbolically. It acted as a spark for my love of creating large scale pieces- there is something really magical about becoming lost in a painting and being a part of it, rather than just looking at it. Conjuring up larger scale pieces is really exhilarating- it seems to build this magnetic pull, and it’s sort of like speaking at a louder volume. It begins to carry more meaning, when it has the ability to induce a perspective shift. I always loved the feeling of looking at space and planetary orbits and letting it dawn on me just how small we are. There is so much left to encounter. 


I also love working with triptychs. With triptychs, it seems there is either a sense of repetition and rhythm, or, alternatively, a building of a new story with each component. The same could be said of our human narrative over time- we tend to either repeat ourselves, or build a new chapter. There is a lot to be learned from repetition and rhythm, but to me it doesn’t hold the same novel appeal of creating a new part of the story. Creating that story from recycled components that already have their own history is even more meaningful. Anything can become art- the more unexpected it’s origin, the more interesting it becomes. 


In Connection, the astronaut isn’t depicting anyone in particular- it is an open invitation to each individual to reach for something not yet known, to touch the undiscovered. Anyone, from anywhere, can discover and make anything from seemingly nothing- they just have to make the connection."


-  The Chaotic Aquatic

aka Ariel Orion Anne 

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