"I always loved the feeling of looking at space and planetary orbits and letting it dawn on me just how small we are. There is so much left to encounter. "

-  The Chaotic Aquatic

aka Ariel Orion Anne 

About Connection


To gaze at a starry night

bursting through

a mysteriously massive abyss,

is to join in a quiet promise,


our understanding

of ourselves,

our reality,

and our potential. 

The accessible inaccessibility

of these moments, is a startling demand

to embrace bravery,

and a thirst for exploration,

with curiosity our greatest catalyst,

and assurance to redefine 

our blinking realities

in exquisite ways.

Unfathomed.  Undefinable.  

Intoxicatingly unorthodox,

the potential of our ventures.  

Orbiting on the precipice of discovery,

our desire to know the unknowable

fuels our connection with final frontiers.

The art of connection,

on earth and in space,

is simultaneously personal,

and universal,

a suspension of

the smallest,

and greatest,

co-mingling of paradoxes.  

Into space

from the now,

beyond the past,

before the future,


we reach out to


with ourselves,

and each other,

through the beyond.


-  The Chaotic Aquatic

aka Ariel Orion Anne 

TheChaoticAquatic_aka_Ariel_Parrow_AboutTheChaoticAquatic_aka_Ariel_Parrow - About Connection
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The Chaotic Aquatic aka Ariel Orion Anne



Acrylic house paint on recycled wood

6.5' x 7.5 ft 


spaceəearth launch 2020

courtesy of TIDE ARTS